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Ttext is a subsidiary of Teletext Corporation. We are in the business of preparation for the TOEFL® and TOEIC® Tests. Our best-selling products are now used in more than 3000 English programs around the world. They also have been purchased by thousands of students in such countries as Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, Korea, Brazil, Taiwan, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kuwait, France, Indonesia, U.A.E., Ukraine, Peru, Thailand, Egypt, Italy, Australia, China, and Greece.

The text on this website has been developed by faculty of the University of California, Davis with over 25 years of experience teaching TOEFL Test Preparation. We are dedicated to helping our students successfully complete the TOEFL ® Test!

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We have two permanent addresses, but for faster service please contact us by email before sending a letter.  Our staff teaches courses all over the world--at different times of year.