TOEIC Gram Quiz 4 Review

76. On the fifth anniversary of your ________, your vacation time will be doubled from five to ten days a year.

(A) employ
(B) employable
(C) employee
(D) employment

Correct: D
Category: Noun

77. We are happy to announce the ________ of this month's Employee of the Month Awards.

(A) champions
(B) winners
(C) victors
(D) receptors

Correct: B
Category: Usage Word Choice

78. IBM's announcement of impending layoffs _________ with surprise and dismay.

(A) was met
(B) was meeting
(C) meet
(D) has being met

Correct: A
Category: Verb Form

79. The annual report clearly shows the areas of difficulty ________ we have experienced this year.

(A) in spite of
(B) in that
(C) where
(D) which

Correct: D
Category: Subordinator Adjective Clause

80. ________ being able to buy stock, employees receive an annual annuity based on yearly sales.

(A) Coupled
(B) As well
(C) Alike
(D) In addition to

Correct: D
Category: Connector

81. ________ a shift in market prices, both sides decided to annul the agreement before it went into effect.

(A) Whereas
(B) Because of
(C) Because
(D) Even though

Correct: B
Category: Subordinator Adverb Phrase

82. We appreciate your ________ of our offer and eagerly await your answer.

(A) consider
(B) considerable
(C) consideration
(D) considerability

Correct: C
Category: Word Form Noun

83. There is no antecedent which _________ predict yesterday's stock market crash.

(A) could have helped
(B) could be helped
(C) could helped
(D) helped

Correct: A
Category: Verb Tense

84. I have been asked to request that you wait in the anteroom ________ the president can see you.

(A) without
(B) until
(C) nevertheless
(D) however

Correct: B
Category: Subordinator Adverb Clause

85. Anticipating the creation of a new IPO, the Nasdaq traders raced ________ around the floor of the stock exchange.

(A) exciting
(B) was excited
(C) excitement
(D) excitedly

Correct: D
Category: Adverb

86. Given the hype for Donna Faran's new line of summer wear, the actual _________ was an anticlimax.

(A) present
(B) presenting
(C) presentment
(D) presentation

Correct: D
Category: Noun
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87. The fall in interest rates is a much ________ antidote to the rapid decrease in stock prices.

(A) need
(B) needy
(C) needing
(D) needed

Correct: D
Category: Adjective

88. Suffering from an antiquated investment strategy which failed to take technological stocks into ________, the Berkshire group made only modest gains in its portfolio.

(A) accountant
(B) accountable
(C) account
(D) accounting

Correct: C
Category: Noun

89. In bringing antitrust action against Microsoft, the U.S.government sought ________ the company up into two separate companies.

(A) break
(B) broke
(C) to break
(D) breakage

Correct: C
Category: Infinitive

90. Because the season is scheduled to start in two days, the umpires are extremely anxious about the outcome ________ the talks with management.

(A) in
(B) on
(C) of
(D) about

Correct: C
Category: Preposition

91. Despite the increasing number of bank failures and personal bankruptcies during the 1920s, the vast majority of the public remained apathetic to signs of ________ difficulties.

(A) economy
(B) economical
(C) economic
(D) economics

Correct: C
Category: Adjective

92. ________ her new assignments with aplomb, Evelyn rapidly advanced through the company hierarchy.

(A) Handle
(B) Handled
(C) Handles
(D) Handling

Correct: D
Category: Adjective (participle)
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93. The Board feels that due to the food poisoning incident, an apology ________ for and will be made.

(A) calls
(B) is calling
(C) called
(D) is called

Correct: D
Category: Verb Form

94. The caterer's ________ of religiously forbidden food at the OPEC buffet displayed an appalling lack of cultural sensitivity.

(A) use
(B) useful
(C) usefulness
(D) uselessness

Correct: A
Category: Word Form Noun

95. ________ customers continually trip over the first step of the escalator, the apparatus that warns them of this danger needs to be redesigned.

(A) Because
(B) Because of
(C) Even though
(D) Although

Correct: A
Category: Subordinator Adverb Clause

96. Her casual apparel at the business meeting was so inappropriate that she ________ to leave the room to change.

(A) forces
(B) forcing
(C) is forcing
(D) was forced

Correct: D
Category: Verb Tense

97. We apologize ________ the apparent misunderstanding concerning your room reservation.

(A) to
(B) for
(C) in
(D) from

Correct: B
Category: Preposition

98. ________ as no surprise when Microsoft decided to appeal the decision of the federal judge.

(A) There came
(B) It came
(C) While it came
(D) During it came

Correct: B
Category: Subject Verb

99. His appearance ________ the board of directors meeting was dramatic and insightful.

(A) into
(B) through
(C) at
(D) for

Correct: C
Category: Preposition

100. The chairwoman has requested that the following items ________ appended to the tentative agreement.

(A) be
(B) being
(C) been
(D) have been

Correct: A
Category: Verb Form