TOEIC Gram Quiz 6 Review

126.  Mrs. Jones’ argument _________ of the proposal was well-taken and changed many minds.

(A) in favor for
(B) in favor of
(C) at favor for
(D) by favor in

Correct: B
Category: Usage

127. If any problems _________, please do not hesitate to contact me at 530-753-0557.

(A) arising
(B) should have arisen
(C) should arise
(D) arose

Correct: C
Category: Verb

128.  This is _________ of one arm of the company having no idea what the other arm is doing.

(A) a case classic
(B) classic a case
(C) a classic case
(D) case, a classic

Correct: C
Category: Order

129. My secretary has arranged a meeting _______ the situation this afternoon at 4:00.

(A) discussion
(B) discussing
(C) to discuss
(D) will be discussed

Correct: C
Category: Infinitive

130. We believe ________ our new office arrangement better facilitates communication between management and workers.

(A) what
(B) that
(C) that when
(D) in that

Correct: B
Category: Subordinator Noun Clause

131. Intel's vast array of computer chips ________ its way into the majority of the world's computers.

(A) has found
(B) have found
(C) have been finding
(D) having been found

Correct: A
Category: Verb

132. Because your account is more than six months ________, it has been referred to collection.

(A) on arrears
(B) in the rear
(C) in arrears
(D) in a rear

Correct: C
Category: Usage

133. Because of weather conditions over Europe, there will be a two hour delay in the _________ arrival time of Swiss Air Flight 1590.

(A) schedule
(B) schedules
(C) scheduling
(D) scheduled

Correct: D
Category: Adjective

134. With so many weapons in our arsenal, we can drag this case though the courts for ________.

(A) years
(B) yearly
(C) the years
(D) the year

Correct: A
Category: Noun

135. The article in the newspaper indicated that the cruise ________ in Seattle during the first week of April.

(A) will begin
(B) will have been begun
(C) beginning
(D) begun

Correct: A
Category: Verb Tense

136.  Unable to articulate its position clearly, ________ saw public opinion swing against it.

(A) a company which
(B) the company that
(C) it was the company that
(D) the company

Correct: D
Category: Subject

137.  Free market economists deplore the ________ of artificial trade barriers between nations.

(A) exist
(B) existing
(C) existence
(D) existential

Correct: C
Category: Noun
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138. By paying his dues, Mr. Washington _________ the business ladder slowly but surely.

(A) is ascended
(B) was ascended
(C) will have ascended
(D) ascended

Correct: D
Category: Verb

139.  I am calling on behalf of our Purchasing Department _________ the status of our order of July 15th.

(A) ascertained
(B) who can ascertain
(C) to ascertain
(D) ascertaining

Correct: C
Category: Infinitive

140.  What the final cost will be cannot be known yet, but the ________ price is $225,000.

(A) asked
(B) ask
(C) asks
(D) asking

Correct: D
Category: Adjective

141.  His favorite aspect of the business is forging the interpersonal connections _________ to increase business exposure.

(A) necessitate
(B) necessitating
(C) necessary
(D) necessarily

Correct: C
Category: Adjective

142.  Before you begin to assemble this ________, carefully read the directions given in the owner's manual.

(A) productive
(B) production
(C) product
(D) produces

Correct: C
Category: Noun

143. The assembly decided to recommend an increase in import duties by ________.

(A) percent of twelve
(B) twelve of a percent
(C) twelth percentage
(D) twelve percent

Correct: D
Category: Usage

144. ________ the assent of the Board, we are obliged to postpone our plans to implement the

(A) Without
(B) However
(C) Unless
(D) Nevertheless

Correct: A
Category: Usage
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145.  In her _________ conference, the Chairwoman asserted her belief that the economy was beginning to expand.

(A) press
(B) pressing
(C) pressure
(D) impression

Correct: A
Category: Adjective

146.  In the wake of the Concorde crash, Air France was forced to assess ________
requirements for the supersonic aircraft.

(A) to maintain
(B) maintain
(C) maintained
(D) maintainance

Correct: D
Category: Adjective

147.  The manager’s assessment of the economic downturn was disheartening to all _________ present.

(A) who
(B) whose
(C) that
(D) those

Correct: D
Category: Pronoun

148.  The county tax assessor has reappraised our parcel, and _________ our property taxes for the year.

(A) therefore increasing
(B) thereby increased
(C) there he increased
(D) is increased that

Correct: B
Category: Connector Verb

149.  Her assets include ________, life insurance policies, and a large number of muncipal bonds.

(A) property estate real
(B) estate real property
(C) estate property real
(D) real estate property

Correct: D
Category: Order

150.  Jennifer Wong _________ the responsibility of reorganizing the files of every corporate client.

(A) assigning
(B) has being assigned
(C) has been assigned
(D) who assigned

Correct: C
Category: Verb