TOEIC Grammar Quiz 7

TOEIC Grammar Quiz 7. Write down your answers. Check your answers at TOEIC Gram Quiz 7 Review.

151.  In advance of the impending visit by our _________, your assignment is to rent a large meeting hall in which we can hold meetings and buffets.

(A) distribution
(B) distribute
(C) that distribute
(D) distributors

152.  With the merger, Oracle will assimilate three computer start-ups into its ________ structure.

(A) corporate
(B) incorporate
(C) corporation
(D) incorporation

153. In order to assist us in our ongoing efforts to improve service, this call may be _________ or tape-recorded for future use.

(A) a monitor
(B) moitoring
(C) monitored
(D) being monitored

154.  If you need ________ assistance, a Delta representative will be waiting in the entry hall as you deplane.

(A) those
(B) each
(C) any
(D) every

155.  The job announcement ________ an assistant curator for the University of California-Davis Art Museum.

(A) that is for
(B) it is for
(C) who is for
(D) is for

156.  Mr. Assaf, a close business associate of mine, will be ________ during the week of
August 10th.

(A) into town
(B) in town
(C) on town
(D) onto town

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157. This original play has been brought to you by our __________.

(A) student graduate association
(B) association student graduate
(C) graduate association student
(D) graduate student association

158.  From these x-rays of your lungs, I assume ________ are a heavy smoker.

(A) that you
(B) whom you
(C) why you
(D) in that you

159.  My assumption is _______ transportation will be provided from the JFK airport to the downtown Hyatt Regency.

(A) when
(B) why
(C) whose
(D) that

160.  You have my personal assurance ________ be cancelled, you will receive an immediate and full refund.

(A) when this cruise should
(B) that should this cruise
(C) since this cruise should
(D) while this cruise should

161. This traveler's health insurance policy assures you of treatment at ________.

(A) any emergency room hospital
(B) any hospital emergency room
(C) any room emergency hospital
(D) any hospital room emergency

162.  _________ the booming economy, astronomical stock market gains have been registered in every sector.

(A) When
(B) While
(C) Although
(D) As a result of

163.  The Monsanto company attaches ________ significance to its customer-client relationships.

(A) hard
(B) hardly
(C) great
(D) greatly

164.  As an attachment to this email _________ the technical specifications for the hydraulic pumps under consideration.

(A) please find
(B) please to find
(C) please finding
(D) please found

165.  Because of the constantly shrinking job market, college graduates are finding it ________ difficult to attain a job.

(A) increased and
(B) increase that
(C) increasingly
(D) to increase so

166.  All attempts ________ a reservation on any flight to Hawaii for the Christmas vacation have proved futile.

(A) it obtained
(B) which it obtained
(C) who obtained
(D) to obtain

167.  As a stockholder of the Coca-Cola Company, you are invited to attend the annual stockholder's meeting to be held ________ April 15th.

(A) in Atlanta on
(B) at Atlanta in
(C) at Atlanta during
(D) by Atlanta at

168. Because of the great importance ________ the President places on this project, attendance at the meeting is mandatory.

(A) who is
(B) which
(C) that he is
(D) whose

169.  You ________ your car with the attendant in the parking garage who will return it to you upon your return.

(A) may have left
(B) may be leave
(C) may leaving
(D) may leave

170.  In today's ________, each company must be attentive to even the slightest changes.

(A) environment changing quickly business
(B) quickly changing business environment
(C) changing quickly business environment
(D) business environment changing quickly

171.  Finally, in this letter of recommendation, I ________ to attest to the great work ethic which Ms. Abrahamson has brought to the company.

(A) had better
(B) would rather
(C) would like
(D) had rather

172.  Formal attire will be required for all company events _______ during the conference.

(A) attended
(B) that attend
(C) which are attending
(D) who are being attended
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173.  Here at Allied Van Lines, we believe ________ the attitude you bring to your job helps determine whether we can receive repeat orders from our customers.

(A) that
(B) in that
(C) in whose
(D) in which

174.  Without attorneys _________ possible legal situations, corporations may find themselves mired in endless court challenges.

(A) to handle
(B) who are handled
(C) whom they are handling
(D) handling to

175.  The combination of wildly interesting graphics ________ of navigation attracts over a million visitors a day to the site.

(A) but ease
(B) also ease
(C) and ease
(D) though ease