TOEIC Gram Quiz 8 Review

176.  One attraction of this potential job is its offer of unlimited _______ for all employees.

(A) children care
(B) cared for children
(C) caring for children
(D) childcare

Correct: D
Category: Usage

177.  I believe that business success is _________ to not only what you do but also how you do it.

(A) an attribute
(B) that attribute
(C) what an attribute
(D) attributable

Correct: D
Category: Adjective
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178.  The newspaper article attributed K-Mart's _______ to the changing demographics of the suburban shopper.

(A) decline
(B) declension
(C) declining
(D) declined

Correct: A
Category: Noun

179.  Rather than implement immediate layoffs, the company has decided to reduce its _______ through attrition.

(A) working force
(B) force of work
(C) work force
(D) force work

Correct: C
Category: Noun Phrase

180.  As usual, the audience was captivated by the speaker's ideas for a _______ business organization.

(A) to revitalize
(B) revitalization
(C) revitalized
(D) revitalize

Correct: C
Category: Adjective

181.  The annual audit of our financial records will be conducted _______ accounting firm of
Ernst and Young.

(A) with an
(B) with the
(C) by an
(D) by the

Correct: D
Category: Prepositional Phrase
182.  In the coming months, Ford intends to augment its Taurus division with over ________.

(A) lines new ten assembly
(B) assembly new lines ten
(C) ten new assembly lines
(D) new ten lines assembly

Correct: C
Category: Order

183.  To reduce expenditures, ________ the department heads to embark upon a series of austere budget cuts.

(A) the Dean who has asked
(B) the Dean that has been asked
(C) the Dean has asked
(D) has the Dean that asked

Correct: C
Category: Subject Verb

184.  On this tour, we _______ to view authentic Native American mounds and talk to the descendants of the people who made them.

(A) are being able
(B) will be able
(C) being able
(D) be able

Correct: B
Category: Verb

185.  The author of the company's report on reorganization recommends _______ least profitable divisions be divested.

(A) that its
(B) their
(C) whose those
(D) what they’re

Correct: A
Category: Noun Clause

186.  The Blue Book distributed to all banks and savings and loan _______ the authoritative book on used car prices.

(A) associations is
(B) associations are
(C) associations that are
(D) association is

Correct: A
Category: Subject Verb Agreement
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187. Lee Iacocca was one of the leading authorities _______ of a particular business management style.

(A) in the implementation
(B) at the implementation
(C) on the implementation
(D) inside the implementation

Correct: C
Category: Preposition

188.  Because the expenditures were not authorized, you will be asked to reimburse the company from your ________ funds.

(A) person
(B) personal
(C) personality
(D) personalized

Correct: B
Category: Adjective

189.  The new contract, which was recently signed by management, calls for all workers to receive an automatic 5% _______ increase each year.

(A) living costs
(B) living and cost
(C) cost of living
(D) costs for living

Correct: C
Category: Usage

190.  Not autonomous, _______ of the Disney company's amusement parks is operated according to the direction of Walt Disney Corporation headquarters.

(A) All
(B) Every
(C) Some
(D) Each

Correct: D
Category: Subject

191.  _______ an unforeseen electrical event, the plane has an auxiliary system that can provide the necessary power.

(A) With the case with
(B) At the case in
(C) On the case of
(D) In case of

Correct: D
Category: Usage

192. Ex as Gram/F:

The results of your blood test should be available within ________ 48 hours.

(A) approximate
(B) approximation
(C) approximately
(D) approximater

Correct: C
Category: Adverb

193. The Dow Jones average advanced over 150 points today on news of increased profits and low ________.

(A) inflationary
(B) inflation
(C) inflated
(D) inflate

Correct: B
Category: Noun

194. _______ the pitfalls of other franchise companies, the Merry Maids cleaning service requires a large franchise fee.

(A) To seek avoiding
(B) To seek avoidance
(C) Seeking avoidance
(D) Seeking to avoid

Correct: D
Category: Adjective (participle) + infinitive

195.  The impact of the merger of Daimler Benz and Chrysler was so awesome that the automobile industry was changed _______.

(A) as ever
(B) and ever
(C) ever
(D) forever

Correct: D
Category: Usage

196.  Perhaps the most common axiom in business _______ the customer is always right.

(A) is that
(B) that is
(C) what is
(D) is what

Correct: A
Category: Verb Noun Clause

197.  Jack Roberts _______ as the company's new CEO because the former CEO lacked the backbone to make important decisions.

(A) bring in
(B) is bringing in
(C) brought in
(D) was brought in

Correct: D
Category: Verb

198.  The decision to replace the original formula of Coca-Cola backfired causing the company to create _______ of Classic Coke.

(A) a brand new
(B) a new brand
(C) the brand new
(D) the new brand

Correct: D
Category: Article

199.  With an MBA from Harvard and ________ at Proctor and Gamble, Sarah McLendon brings the necessary background to fill the needs of her new job admirably.

(A) experience previous work
(B) previous experience work
(C) experience work previous
(D) previous work experience

Correct: D
Category: Order

200.  The supervisor's comment that Jack was performing his work well _______ his
obvious deficiencies was a backhanded compliment at best.

(A) despite the fact that
(B) even though
(C) in spite of
(D) because

Correct: C
Category: Subordinator Adverb Phrase