TOEIC Gram Quiz 9 Review

201.  With heavy backing _______ governmental subsidies, the European aircraft company has begun to achieve parity with Boeing.

(A) in a form with
(B) on the form in
(C) in the form of
(D) on a form that of

Correct: C
Category: Preposition

202.  We regret that due to a large backlog of orders, we will be unable to process your shipment _______.

(A) without next month
(B) unless next month
(C) regardless of next month
(D) until next month

Correct: D
Category: Preposition

203.  No company that willingly takes a back seat to other companies in _______ can succeed.

(A) their fields
(B) their field
(C) its fields
(D) its field

Correct: D
Category: Pronoun

204. The results of your medical exams are so baffling that I have decided to call for _______.

(A) an opinion that is second
(B) a second opinion
(C) of which opinion twice
(D) the opinion twice

Correct: B
Category: Usage

205.  Please make sure that you keep your baggage with you at all times while in the airport as ________.

(A) a secure consideration
(B) a securely considerate
(C) a security consideration
(D) a securable consideration

Correct: C
Category: Adjective

206.  The _______ sheet reveals that our company had an overall profit of some 24 million dollars last year.

(A) balance
(B) balanced
(C) balancing
(D) imbalanced

Correct: A
Category: Adjective

207. We have done all _______ to resolve the situation; now the ball is in their court.

(A) that can do
(B) that we can be done
(C) we can do
(D) we can be done

Correct: C
Category: Adjective Clause

208.  _______ at the Dupont pharmaceutical company have ballooned on reports it has produced a new AIDS prevention drug.

(A) Earning
(B) Earnings
(C) Earnings that
(D) Which earning

Correct: B
Category: Subject

209.  Following the President's State of the Union address last night in which he advocated reduced interest rates, the New York Stock Exchange _______ ballyhoo this morning.

(A) opened to
(B) opened in
(C) opened at
(D) opened on

Correct: A
Category: Preposition

210.  The Republican Party platform _______ for a ban on tobacco imports from Cuba.

(A) continuing to call
(B) is continuing call
(C) continues to call
(D) was continued to call

Correct: C
Category: Verb

211. The Exxon company, _______ a notorious polluter, has now become a leader on the environmental bandwagon.

(A) first time
(B) once
(C) at the first
(D) one

Correct: B
Category: Usage

212.  _______ are required to pay no brokerage commission on the website, the website delivers more bang for investors’ bucks.

(A) Because investors that
(B) Because of investors
(C) Because investors
(D) Because of which investors

Correct: C
Category: Subordinator Adverb Clause

213.  With recent deregulation, banks are able to provide _______ investment services for the first time.

(A) a host of
(B) the host
(C) host of the
(D) hosting the

Correct: A
Category: Usage

214. Would you care to have your bank account connected to your credit card for _______?

(A) overprotecting the draft
(B) protecting over the draft
(C) overprotect the draft
(D) overdraft protection

Correct: D
Category: Usage

215.  I would like to order a bank draft of $5000 _______ by our representative this afternoon.

(A) to be picked up
(B) to pick up
(C) pick up
(D) picking up

Correct: A
Category: Infinitive

216.  The bank note ________ is due to be paid in 36 months.

(A) in the building
(B) at the building
(C) on the building
(D) around the building
Correct: C
Category: Preposition

217.  After using up all of their investor's venture capital, many high-tech startups _______ bankrupt.

(A) have found
(B) have seen
(C) have gone
(D) have recorded

Correct: C
Category: Usage

218.  We offer 60 x 24 banner _______ on our website at a rate of $100 per month per character.

(A) advertise
(B) advertisement
(C) advertising
(D) to advertise

Correct: C
Category: Noun

219.  I am happy to announce that the company awards banquet will again be held _______ the Sullivan building.

(A) at December 10th at
(B) on December 10th in
(C) in December 10th at
(D) in December 10th inside

Correct: B
Category: Preposition

220.  It is illegal for any restaurant to bar entrance _______ because of the race or gender of its potential customer.

(A) to those premises
(B) to their premises
(C) to its premises
(D) to that premises

Correct: C
Category: Pronoun

221.  The company barbecue _______ during the first week in July and will feature country music, a no-host bar, and plenty of ribs.

(A) that will take place
(B) it will take place
(C) took place
(D) will take place

Correct: D
Category: Verb

222.  Though it ________ like it at first, the purchase of Daimler Chrysler for 10 billion dollars was a bargain.

(A) may not seem
(B) may not be seeming
(C) may not have been seen
(D) may not have seen

Correct: D
Category: Verb

223.  Penny stocks are ________ they are sold at bargain basement prices and yield negligible returns.

(A) so named that
(B) named so which
(C) because named so
(D) so named because

Correct: D
Category: Connector

224.  ________ to continue marketing its tobacco products to minors exposed it to a barrage of criticism.

(A) The company’s cigarette decision
(B) The decisive company cigarette
(C) The cigarette company’s decision
(D) The decision of the company’s cigarette

Correct: C
Category: Order

225.  The price of a barrel of oil depends on such factors as ________ and seasonal vagaries.

(A) demand that is industrial
(B) demands which are industry’s
(C) industry’s demanding
(D) industrial demand

Correct: D
Category: Adjective