Testwise.com is for sale

Are you interested in buying this website?

Testwise.com has been one of the most popular internet websites for TOEFL and TOEIC students for many years.

Now the owners of testwise.com are actively considering selling our domain name and all of the content on the site. This means that we may sell it, and we may not.

Here are six good reasons you should think about it:

*A website that has been ranked in the top 10 for Google searches of “TOEFL” for the past 15 years

*A website that has been ranked in the top 50 for Google searches of “TOEIC” for the past 5 years

*A website whose domain name ‘testwise’ is extremely well known in the world of ESL/EFL

*A website that is linked to over 200 other educational websites

*A website that is already set up for google ads and website ads

*A website that contains hundreds of TOEFL and TOEIC questions


If you are interested, please contact us at testwise@hotmail.com. We will sell to an individual, institution, or business and will entertain all reasonable offers through October 31, 2011. If someone makes a reasonable offer before that date, we will sell it before that date.  Please let us know:

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